Cost of Impaired driving

6b058b3074fdaf1279ca6f4f109d0567Driving drunk is a choice that too many people make time and time again.  The so-called drivers seem to be under the impression that they’re fine, when in reality, they would, 9 times out of 10, blow way over the legal limit, no matter how “I’m not drunk” they say they are.  BAC calculations are not that difficult to estimate (although, only an actual blood test is 100% accurate).

It isn’t just your life at stake.  You could wind up in an accident, which your insurance would not cover due to the fact of your intoxication, and possibly injure or kill yourself or someone else. Even if you ONLY end up with a DUI, you live with someone who is going to have to face the consequences with/for you. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you can never get back time.

Not only do you end up with an immediate license suspension, until charges are resolved (innocent until proven guilty does not apply here), you also get a 3 day vehicle impoundment (averaging $30/day, plus $116 in towing, then to reinstate your licence, $22, totaling $228) and mandatory “Planning Ahead” class,  (1 day of your time and $225), total cost of $453. That is the prize for first offence. For a second, you get the suspension along with a 7 day impound ($348), and a mandatory “Impact” class (1 week of your time and $750), costing you $1098. These are BACs over 0.08.

In Alberta we have this cool thing that affects people who blow under 0.08 but over 0.05.  Offence # 1: immediate 3 day suspension and vehicle impoundment, $228.  Offence # 2: 15 day suspension, 7 day impoundment and mandatory “Planning Ahead” class, $573.  Offence # 3: 30 day suspension, 7 day vehicle impoundment and mandatory “Impact” class, $1098.

If you have a GDL, you have a ZERO tolerance. You end up with a 30 day license suspension and a 7 day impoundment, $348.

Should you be convicted, you earn the privilege of an ignition interlock system. It will be installed in your vehicle for you after you pay a $63 Registry Agent fee, $150 installation fee, and then a $105 monthly rental fee. Then, when your sentence is over another $50  to have the unit removed.  There’s also a special licence and training that you’ll have to pay for to be a certified user. Depending on your frequent flier miles, the length of time you’ll have to pay rent will vary; offence # 1: 1 year (1523), 2: 3 years ($4043), 3: 5 years ($6563).

Say now you decide to continue making intelligent decisions and drive while suspended you get 6 more months of suspension, 30 day impoundment for first offence ($1038), or 60 for the second ($1938), a $2000 fine or up to 6 months jail time if you choose to not pay, which, if you’re convicted, earns you up to 5 years in prison.  Woot woot, free meals and no more laundry!

If you decide to fight the charges, add on an average $4000-8000 in lawyer fees, plus 6-12 more months of your time.  Didn’t need that year, anyways.

The law doesn’t give a flying fuck whether or not you feel intoxicated, and your lawyer, is not a fail safe to a get out of jail free card, and definitely not for free. c56db84eda6474d9839797cd19a5be14 Lawyers lose cases all the time, and their time still isn’t free, regardless of where you end up.  And I don’t know about you guys, but there are a million different things that I can think of to spend money on, willingly.  Better, fun things, that don’t possibly involve killing myself or others or trying to justify the fact that I did or could have when I decided to drive drunk in the first place.    Do you have kids? Yes, be a better example, I don’t want them going out and killing my future kids. No, what would you want them to see if you did?  Take a god damn taxi or don’t be an irresponsible chump.


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