The paper that got me an A

mad-cowFor all you science nerds out there who want to see what an A grade university level science paper looks like, check out mine.  I wrote this, with the help of my mentors, for Biology 399 research opportunity class at the University of Alberta, in my fourth year.  This was by far my favourite class.

It took me a year to gather information and experimental evidence enough to write it and I think I could have done better in my other classes had I not been required to work full-time during my education, but that’s another issue. I still ended up with a B.Sc. and a very expensive piece of paper. 🙂

My paper

Let me know what you all think!


2 thoughts on “The paper that got me an A

    1. If it can help other undergrad students, or anyone for that matter, I don’t see the problem. Science shouldn’t be something people can’t access.


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